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Killer Cop Gurmeet Pinky Reveals Chilling Details on Fake Encounters of Sikh Youths and Ruthless Human Rights Abuses by Punjab Police
Killer Cop Gurmeet Pinky Reveals Chilling Details on Fake Encounters of Sikh Youths and Ruthless Human Rights Abuses by Punjab Police
Gurmeet Pinky Interviewed by Kanwar Sandhu (FMI)

Police Informant Claims Officials at Highest Levels Involved in Killings and Staged Encounters of Sikhs in Punjab

CHANDIGARH, PUNJAB (SNN) - Gurmeet Pinky the alleged Punjab Police informer, police cat, has now decided to unravel and expose chilling details about the rampant human rights abuses and excesses committed by senior Punjab police officials during the turbulent 1980’s and 1990’s including first hand information on many fake encounters that were staged by the authorities with official impunity.

In a six part interview with noted TV journalist, Kanwar Sandhu that has also been published as the cover story December, 14th edition of Outlook magazine under the title “Confessions of a Killer Cop” is bound to unravel further evidence on how thousands of Sikh youths were eliminated under the guise of fighting “militancy” or “extremism” by the Punjab and Indian security forces.

“In (the) name of fighting terrorism, utter falsehood was enacted day after day. Sus­pects were picked up in one place, taken to a second, kept in a third, and encounter shown in yet another place. What I have seen and was associated with would shock people.” - Gurmeet Pinky

Gurmeet Pinky, a one time police constable and police informant, who was eventually found guilty of murdering Avtar Singh Gola, never served his full prison sentence. Instead, he was prematurely released from prison and re-instated into the Punjab Police ranks in May of 2015, but a court order later overturned the reinstatement. Pinky has now filed an appeal for the reversal.

Pink stated that he has witnessed dozens of cases among the thousands of routine staged encounters and cremations committed by the Punjab Police. Evidence of these inhumane tactics were once unearthed by human right's activist Jaswant Singh Khalra. In the videos, Pinky admitted that Khalra himself became a victim of this primitive lawlessness and eliminated on behest of the Punjab's DGP KP Gill.

Pinky claims that he plans to reveal many more dark secrets about Punjab police atrocities in an upcoming book but expressed concern that his life was in danger for speaking out and divulging these hidden truths. He stated that what he divulged so far is only 5% of what has actually occurred, the remaining 95% would be eventually revealed in due time.

State Terror : Outlook Cover
State Terror : Outlook Cover

Videos of interviews with Gurmeet Pinky:

Human rights lawyer Navkiran Singh stated to Outlook magazine that: “The man was a police cat. He knows much and he has come on record which should be noted. A probe should be ordered on his revelations. It concerns the death of many innocent youths. Their families deserve answers and the truth.”

Pinky revealed details of dozens of “fake encounters” and eliminiations that were staged by the Punjab police and stated that police officers who committed these acts were rapidly promoted in their ranks for their acts.

Some of fake encounters, and murders Pinky discussed with the interviewer included:

  • Nov 1992 killing of Rana Partap Singh, Khalistan Commando Force.
  • August 1992 arrest of Babbar Khalsa Chief Sukhdev Singh Babbar by Ludhiana SSP Chattopadhyaya, B.S. Gill and Inspector Manmohan Singh from his Patiala residence, but later killed in a fake encounter at Dharod near Ludhiana.
  • October 1992, the arrest of Gurmukh Singh Nagoke, Khalistan Commando Force, and his wife at the Mukerian bus stop. They were later killed in a staged encounter.
  • Fake encounter killing of Kamaljit Singh of Bholath.
  • January 1989 kidnaping and eventual fake encounter of Professor Rajinderpal Singh Bulara.
  • August 1991 killing and burning alive of four members of the Babbar Balwinder Singh Jatana’s family, including his 80 year old grandmother, 40 year old aunt, teenage sister, and young nephew by another police ‘cat’ Nihang Ajit Poohla under the directions of ex-DGP Sumdh Saini.
  • Pinky also revealed his connections with Balwant Singh Rajoana who tipped the Police about possible attempts by Jagtar Singh Hawara and others to break out of Burail Jail.